Who are you becoming? The Road To Change

  • Every day, who are you becoming to change your life for the better?

I say to you, who you WERE makes no difference when you declare "from now on, I AM..." Stop creatingfalse limitations for yourself. When you say "I can't," you limit yourself. Make conscious choices about who you are becoming from this day, and you'll instantly improve the quality of your life. No matter how you feel about yourself right now, you can make a decision to become more of who you really are and create something that gives you purpose.
Who are you becoming? The power to becoming lies within your heart, mind and how you think about yourself. You will become what you think about, most of the time. Your thinking process determines how you feel, the choices you make and the results you create. The road to create what you do from your authentic 'Self' is not mysterious. However, without it--you will always be struggling against something. With it, you are at liberty to pursue what you want by continuously reinventing Your Life. Through that personal transformation you will pursue only that which is most important.

The Road To Change - Your true relationship to your 'Self' is central to who you are becoming, and to what you get out of this journey, Your Life. Listen. Listen to your inner wisdom. Give your 'Self' permission to untangle from the conditional programs and negative patterns that keep you stuck. When you are not in alignment with your true 'Self', then everything you create or attract will be out of alignment. Once you're in alignment with your 'Self' and know your 'Self', there is no question left of: "What can I do with my life?" "What do I really want?" "What is my divine purpose?" "How can I serve?"
  • What are you waiting for to eliminate the things that keep you from receiving the gifts of Your authentic 'Self' and being the human being you were created to be? 
Honoring yourself calls for you to:
  • Know your 'Self'.
  • Open your heart to the radiant vision of your True Purpose.
  • Maintain within a place to make your life matter and bring intelligence to your body and mind.
 Why are you fearful of valuing your 'Self' in any way? During this journey as a human being, you will tackle many challenges. However, it is only how you choose your attitude to be and how you honor your core values where you will end up in life. The most important thing is, do not be part of the crowd’s routines. Be your 'Self'.
The Road To Change - Give your 'Self' permission to untangle from the negative patterns that keep you stuck. Take some time to focus on what you value most personally, professionally and in your relationships. Plug into your core Values and recommit to live life to its fullest. Discover in each day the magnificent and awesome beauty of the world by exploring and embracing life in your 'Self'. Why? Because your true relationship to your 'Self' is central to your existence and to what you get out of this journey, your Life. Starting where you are, make some room, create some space, so that you find the life underneath your life situation. There is no judgment. No condemnation. No Self–loathing. No Narcissism. No Fear. No Indecision. No Jealousy. No Procrastination and their cousins.  There is an inner revolution is taking place and you are called to provide meaning and direction into your life. You are called to:

  • Embark on your own soul journey and do what ever it takes to free your 'Self' from the traps of the ego.
  • Discover in the theater of your heart, you are more than mere clay and this excavation has no end.
  • Open your heart purposefully and raise your awareness to a higher level that would genuinely bring new dimensions of fulfillment into your life.
  • Work toward attaining the life of your dreams, one that binds achievement and fulfillment into one powerful force.
  • Appropriate the life changing power of transformation to create your life in a way that matters most to you.
"The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives." Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, and musician (1875-1965).  
Reclaim ownership of the 'context of you' and your power to choose how you express who you become in order to live a life that is orchestrated by your integrated mature spirit.  Yes, starting right NOW. No question, this will require Volition, Determination, Resolve, Commitment and Will Power.  Challenging, but not impossible and you simply have to get the TOOLS you need to:

  • Excavate your authentic 'Self'.
  • Find your life purpose.
  • Consciously take the leading role in your life.
  • Value your life and existence.
  • Become (intentionally) the mental architect of your own personal transformation.
  • Avoid negative people, things and places.
  • Believe in your self, and in what you can do.
  • Feel the sun from both sides.
  • Zero in on your dreams and go for it.
Who are you becoming? Every day is your time, your moment and your reason for reclaiming ownership of the 'context of you'. Take it as the gift it is--it will fill you up and lead you to change your life for the better. Discover how Not to wait and live a Life of Meaning, Purpose and Joy. Step up and eliminate the diversions that will keep you from becoming the mental architect of your own personal transformation. Believe instantly in the infinite possibilities.
  • Who are you becoming?
  • Are you ready to make this a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities?
A Personal Commitment To Live The Life You Want. A life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. The Road To Change your life for the better. 
If you are sincerely interested in choosing the path to the secret belonging of your heart and making this a life of far greater SUCCESS, you are invited to choose the road that leads to attaining the results you desire and deserve. Value, Vision, Action and Make this a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. A Personal Commitment To Live The Life You Want... Read More <Here>

Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager

   © 2015 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.

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