The Plan

    Our reason for existence is to live an amazing life
    (Living Purposefully). It starts with having a meaningful connection with ourselves and having a major insight into our vision. I also believe that our human lives can be likened to a game with rules, a journey with a destination, a stage play that follows a script and a house built with a plan. This plan is a systematic approach that will help us map out a course for our life and get us to our destination. This plan starts with the nature of our answers to the following questions:
    • What will it take for us to become the person we really want to become?
    • What's the one thing we can do in order to know our direction in life?
    • Why would we want to remove conflicts that prevent us from bringing to the surface our nobler parts and life's rich abundance that is so often invisible?

    As we reflect on the nature of our answers for the above questions know that our conflicts exist because there are inconsistencies in what we believe, the way we think, and ultimately in our behavior. It is these conflicts with excuses that confuse us and keep us from becoming the person we want to become. When the conflicts and excuses are gone, we feel whole. It is a healing process that will allow us to reach our wholeness or nobler part. There, we learn who we are and how we fit into this world. This will also be a call for us to stop paying lip-service to our commitment and get the help we need to create a plan with SMART goals, pointing us forward in each major area of our life.

    We will also be called to live a life that is authentically ours and reclaim our power to take 100% responsibility for our life through excellence in action. With this plan of excellence, not only will this help us achieve our success, it will bring to the surface life’s rich abundance that is so often invisible to us. The challenge with excellence in action is that we will need to renew our Commitment, know where we are headed and whatever failures we have had in the past do not need to be with us one day longer. Then, take an honest assessment of ourselves and give it a Go on purpose. Find the trust and the courage to STOP the noise and see beyond the superficial world of today, to a life of substance with deeper and clearer values.

    If we feel called to something bigger - something with more impact and significance, but we are not quite sure how to get from here to there, then we absolutely want to:
    • Get grounded, be sure our ego is not the one orchestrating our life.
    • Speak our truth from our Heart directly without judgment.
    • Create this plan that will help us to put the component parts of our life into a clearly-laid-out plan.
    However, this plan must help us to find the answers that lie within us and:
    • Break the chains of the past.
    • Reach our potential.
    • Seek our wholeness and bring to the surface our nobler parts and life's rich abundance purposefully.
    Without action, there is no feedback mechanism about the plan and goals on which we are working. Activities must occur in our physical world for the plan to be realized. That is, if we are ready, we will have this plan. Why? Because it is time for us to find the STARTING POINT for a wonderful new future. We were born to succeed. We have all the faculties to create an amazing life. Thus:
    • When would we map out a course for our life that is right for us and in a way that brings us true fulfillment?
    • When would we choose to get clear on who we are and what we are really capable of?
    • What would it take for us to eliminate the diversions that are keeping us from creating a well-balanced life?

    Written By: Windsor Lindor
    CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
      © 2016 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.



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