Make the New Year our Best Year Ever

      We are called to stop waiting for things to happen and instead start taking purposeful action. Experiencing divine abundance takes more than belief. It requires purposeful action by us and we cannot move forward unless we are prepared to engage in new experiences and thereby acquire a different perspective on life for the New Year.

      Give it a go for the New Year. Time to step forward, reduce our fear and get on with the task of identifying the exact source of our greatest fear. Time to undo the negative conditioning to which our mind has been subjected, welcome 'intuition' as a guest and listen to that still small voice. Yes, the New Year is the right time to win the war that is raging inside our mind and begin to live the kind of life we truly want.

      It is also true, this is our life and our responsibility to live our life to its fullest and accept the responsibility to live our true purpose starting in the New Year. This may require us to transform our belief system to one in which we can choose our pathway to re-create our own life by bringing intelligence to our body and mind through excellence.
      No Excuse!  Do not be afraid to actually step

      beyond our previous personal best to actually achieve our ideal future. If we are sincerely interested in achieving the consistent results we demand in the most important areas of our life, we are invited to experience the power of working with a Life Coach.  The encouraging presence we will feel is not simply the words, or gestures, or the tools; it is rather the whole presence enfolding us and helping us achieve specific goals so we can lead a more fulfilling life in the New Year and beyond. Our personal Life Coach can and will help us to improve our performances and achieve extraordinary results. They are the Catalyst To an amazing Life-change. There is nothing more important than investing in improving the quality of our own life.  Why? Because it is time for us to produce the results we want in our life.  The questions remain:
      • Would we commit to living a vital and meaningful life in the New Year?
      • What is our expectation for the New Year? Is it not to sense even more the presence of the Truth in the midst of it all?
      • Which step forward can we take to make the New Year our best year ever?
      No excuse, right now is the perfect time to create a Resolution Revolution in our life and make a New Year Resolution of making the rest of our life the best of our life. 


      Written By: Windsor Lindor
      CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
        © 2016 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.



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