Transform for Success in the New Year

      We are now coming up on a New Year. 

      • Have we made resolutions to change the areas of our life that need it?
      • Are we taking the steps that will build our strength to make those changes?
      • What do we want for the New Year and beyond?
      • What would it take for us to create a Resolution Revolution in order to transform for success?

      I believe in order to transform ourselves for success, we must be prepared to engage in new experiences and thereby acquire a different perspective on life. A call for us to commit and reclaim our power to choose what we want our life to be. This call will push us to uncover the unknown, excavate ourselves and the work to transform for success. This will indeed push us to be true to our resolution. For our resolution is intended to be a commitment that we make to a project or the reforming of a habit, a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.

      This form of commitment normally goes into effect on New Year's Day and remains until fulfilled or abandoned. Sounds like a good approach, does it not? Like any good approach that starts with a good intention and it is not carried through to the end, this approach will fail. I believe this New Year is the moment we will follow through on our resolutions in concert with our best of intentions to make certain changes in our lives.

      Why? Because we are committed to find the courage and open the door to be the artists we were created to be. We have been handed the blueprint. Now, it is time for us to stop paying lip-service to our Commitment for a quality life by making rock-solid PLANS. Through this process we will begin taking responsibility for the authorship of our own life and make it matter purposefully through our personal commitment to put RESOLUTION into our Resolutions in order to move our hopes and dreams off the canvas and into our life.
      It is also time for us to do the work that needs to be done in order to transform ourselves for success and live up to the true promise of our life. It is also true, transforming ourselves can be stressful and scary. We may feel out of control and lose a sense of who we really are because we are dominated by the strong emotions of the moment. Such examples can be redundancy, career change, illness, the breaking down of a relationship, work/life stress, and bereavement.
      Despite feeling out of control, we are called to stand still, quiet our thoughts, be prayerful, be defiant and be decisive. There, we will find the confidence to do the work to transform for success. It must also be noted, right now is the perfect time to create a Resolution Revolution in our life by celebrating transformational change as an inevitable part of life and an opportunity to learn, act, to refine and to transform for success. That is, if we want to ACHIEVE transformation and success in the New Year, we have only one option, simply POWER UP our performance by stop paying lip-service to our commitment, replace certain habits and limiting beliefs with things that are more conducive to our success.

      A call not to get distracted with life's continual problems, fears and doubts. But rather, remain focused on the beauty of uncovering our heart's desires, our dreams and what gives our life meaning. We will also need to believe that we CAN succeed at whatever we do, as long as we simply take the right ACTIONS and live what we claim are our values.
      It is within us to make a personal commitment to make this New Year our best year. That is, to claim the POWER that is within us to transform for success and pursue the life of our dreams.

      Happy New Year!


      Written By: Windsor Lindor
      CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
        © 2016 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.



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