Our Best Year Ever

      The clock is ticking. Time to get into the mind-set of BEING and DOING through excellence rather than FEARING. The start of a whole New Year provides us the experience of the freedom to leave behind what 'has been' and start ANEW from a FRESH frame of mind. However, we are called to embrace the true meaning of our unique story, be and do what we must to live on the raw edge of inner peace and divine abundance in the New Year and beyond.
      Take a hard look around our life for the next 72 hours. Don't filter our observations through the "good enough" lens. Expect more. Imagine what our life will be like when we are actually LIVING what's most important to us. Make some quality time to locate our heart, open it in the full expression of the purposeful human beings we can be. Our world as we know it is shifting. This period of transformation offers us an opportunity to wake up to our true selves and let go of self-defeating behavior.
      This is indeed a call for us to achieve the consistent results we demand in the most important areas of our life and ACTIVELY REJECT mediocrity.  If not, we are unconsciously choosing it over excellence—and will be traveling down a road plagued with broken dreams and failed expectations in the New Year.
      Do not get diverted with life's incessant problems,

      fears and doubts. Spend some time within the next few days to go over what really matters most in our life and maintain our spirit. Yes, we will have to remain focused on the beauty of our dreams. That is the source of personal power in order to make this a life of far greater SUCCESS and infinite possibilities. Why? Because we cannot afford to betray our soul and we have the capacity to plug into our Unique Visions, Values and Roles. True, this is our individual life. However, the questions remain:
      • What would it take for us to get our life on track in the New Year to achieve the consistent results we demand in the most important areas of our life?
      • Do we have a good grasp of which goals will most fulfill us in the New Year?
      • When are we going to nourish the source of our renewal and our own being (Producing better results and start living on purpose)?
      The Moment of Truth. Let go of self-defeating behavior. Do not let Negative Attitudes stand in our way of achieving our top goals in the New Year. It is also true we will need the coaching tools to break the chain of fear and step into the infinite possibilities of our life. Our Essence is waiting for the opportunity to reveal itself. A call to expect more and execute better through excellence in action. Not impossible.

      Listen closely to what our heart has to say. Yes, we can! Therefore, we will unleash the full potential of our mind. However, we will be called to do the work to transform our belief system to one in which we can choose to re-create our own life by bringing intelligence to our body and mind. If we want to experience divine abundance and produce better results in the New Year, my questions for us:

      • If not now, when are we going to nourish the source of our renewal and our own being?
      • When will we decide to open the Door to a whole new world within us and dare to change our life for the better?
      • Which step forward can we take to reflect our dedication / COMMITMENT for our best year ever?


      Written By: Windsor Lindor
      CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
        © 2016 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.



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