Breakthrough to our Success on Purpose

On the dance floor of life some of us wear the chain of fear and shackle ourselves. However, on
the dance floor of life there are no psychological police. Only we can step over that threshold into the prison of image, the image of expectations, the prison of fear and the prison of anxiety. We lock ourselves up within an uncontrolled idea of belief/thought and/or feeling. It is a helpless place to be trapped. That space on the dance floor of life is the shape of our reality. We cannot see beyond our pain and we are completely blind to the fact that it is us who construct this prison and decide to stay locked in; this punishment is mainly self-punishment.

There comes a time in our life when we have to look into the reflection of the mirror on the dance floor of life to realize how we let what happened to us seize our inner courage. True, we were so hurt that we were no longer able to distinguish our life from the hurt. It took over completely. We acted in complicity with the hurt and turned against ourselves. We robbed ourselves of true fulfillment and joy, unless we discover the key principles to unshackling ourselves and uncovering the secret that sleeps in our authentic hearts.
This is our life and our responsibility to live life to its fullest and accept the responsibility to find a way that leads to living a more loving, prosperous, abundant and balanced life. This may require us to transform our attitude toward a successful future-no matter what we are encountering throughout our human journey. A call for us to be fearless. Why? Because it is within each one of us to make this moment one of Artistic Expression, Bravery, Creative Courage, Deep Meanings, Divine Abundance, Organic Behavior and the Richness of Human Experience (fulfillment and success).  We may also have to look with courage to the skyline of each new day and:

  • Transform our belief system to one in which we can choose to free our mind from the personal imprisonment of our emotional pain.  
  • Keep an open attitude to 'we can' forces.  
  • Take 100% responsibility for our life and break through to our success through actions that propel us down the path to create the successful life we secretly dream about.
If we are serious about making a massive leap in our business and personal life and have reached a point where we are ready to commit to doing whatever it takes, 'Breakthrough to Success on Purpose' Coaching program may be right for us. LET IT BE CLEAR - This opportunity is ONLY for people who are committed to eliminate the obstacles that keep them from achieving the success they really want. The pathway to rewrite the story of our life. A life of  of substance with clearer values, moving us toward emotional intelligence and the success we have always wanted for our personal development... <Read More>


Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive-Life Coach & Project Manager
  © 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.



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