Forgiveness, a Radical Approach

I choose to look at forgiveness from a radical approach and the point of view that, if I let go and move on, my mind is clear to concentrate on what I desire in life. With true, heart-felt forgiveness:
  • I am free to be fully human. 
  • I am free to choose what I want and need to do to take care my 'Self'.
  • I am committed to acting from the awareness that I am  100% the source of my reality.
  • I attend to my daily spiritual food, such as peace of mind, love, compassion, grace, courage, wisdom, beauty, harmony, joy and laughter.
  • I eliminate the dysfunctional thought patterns and free myself from constantly re-experiencing the emotional pain from the past.
The Price Is Eternal Vigilance and I would love to be able to say that forgiveness is easy to do.
While it is simple, it definitely is not easy. The ego is a trickster and it wants to control us. When we are feeling good, the ego uses unforgiving memories to cause negative emotions such as anger, rage, resentment, or jealousy.
The good news, it can be done and there must be a conscious effort to free our mind. Our efforts to let go and free ourselves from emotional pain reduce the ego’s control over us.
Forgiveness is one of the qualities of the self-possessed and eliminates the energy patterns that keep guilt, shame and fear from remaining the dominating force in our entire being. Thus, we may want to do what we must to enhance our capacity to forgive. This is where the radical approach to forgiveness plays a critical part on freeing ourselves from constantly re-experiencing the emotional pain from the past.

The radical approach to forgiveness requires work and courage. As a process to commit ourselves to make forgiveness happen in our life, we will begin by realizing that we are only human beings. Forgiving others by realizing that they are only human beings. There, we will get the tools we need to learn the language of letting go and of forgiveness.

The radical approach to forgiveness requires us to be serious about our life fulfillment and find the means to choose an attitude that will steer us to start the process of letting go and eliminating the energy patterns that keep guilt, shame, interpersonal difficulties, resistance, tension and fear from remaining the dominating forces in our entire being.

The radical approach to forgiveness suggests the experience successful, enduring and alive relationships we need to free ourselves from constantly re-experiencing the emotional pain from the past, bring understanding and healing to the wounded parts of us that often sabotage relationships. Letting go of the past involves seeking a new course where commitment and purposeful action can transport us out of ourselves and experience true, heart-felt forgiveness. Refusing to let go is resistance to what we don’t want and attracting more of whatever we are resisting.

The radical approach to forgiveness calls for us to open our heart and be aware that by forgiving we are not releasing the other person from their transgression as much as we are freeing ourselves from their transgression. We do not have to condone their behavior, trust them, or even maintain a relationship with them. However, we DO have to free ourselves from the anger, from the conflict, from the interpersonal difficulties, from the resistance, from the tension, from the pain and from the resentment once and for all.

The radical approach to forgiveness requires us to acknowledge our anger, our pain and our fear. But also own up to any part we have played in allowing it to happen or continue. Make sure to express whatever it was that we wanted from that person, and then see the whole event from the other person's point of view. 

We will also be called to make a place for great love and allow an expansion outward from the repetitive emotional spin of fear. It is also true, it takes a lot of courage to choose forgiveness in the face of fear. There, we must remind ourselves that great love is stronger than fear and reclaim our power to choose what we want our life to be.

The radical approach to forgiveness is an approach that can help us to develop the implementation of a caring decision that will lead us from grief, regrets and resentment into forgiveness, self-acceptance, loving kindness and inner peace. From this place, we will find our life matters with a Love that forgives and whispers, "I do Love You."  
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Written By: Windsor Lindor
CEO, Executive Coach & Project Manager
  © 2017 - Windsor Lindor Consulting LLC All Rights Reserved.


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